Safe and flexible

Payment methods


Here you will find an overview of payment methods and terms of payment that we can offer you. We guarantee 100% safety and flexibility.





Payment in advance means that you pay for your order before delivery or shipping. Payment is made by bank transfer based on a proforma invoice, which we will send you by email. As purpose of trasfer please indicate the order and customer number. This facilitates the assignment of your transfer. As soon as the open amount has been received by us on the account, we hand over the forwarding or shipp the goods from our logistics warehouse. We accept in advance payments from customers exclusively for ordered goods, which are available in stock from our manufacturers or from our logistics warehouse, and if the loading or delivery dates are determined by the freight forwarders.





We offer our B2B and B2C customers the possibility to process payments via PayPal. We take over all transaction fees. You are secured with this payment method with delivery and buyer protection. If the goods ordered by you are on the warehouse of our manufacturers or on our logistics warehouse and if the loading or the shipping date are fixed, then you will receive an email from us for payment via PayPal. Via a link, you log in to PayPal and confirm the payment of PayPal to Semanex e.K .. Our system will then receive a response from PayPal about the successful payment. With this confirmation we hand over the forwarding order or send your order from our logistics warehouse.



Credit card


You have the possibility to pay by corporate or private credit card. This concerns the credit card types Visa, MasterCard and American Express. In this case, the acceptance of the credit card have place via PayPal payment processor. After a fixed loading or shipping date, you will receive by email a PayPal invoice, where you can pay via a link with your credit card. In our system appears from the payment service PayPal a response about the successful transaction. With this confirmation we confirm the forwarding or shipping out.



Purchase on invoice


When purchasing on invoice, you pay the entire amount of the invoice within our payment period. Payment is made simply by bank transfer to the bank account specified in the invoice. Please do not forget to enter the order and customer number as the purpose of the transfer. Please understand that we can not always offer purchasing on invoice and must set a maximum credit limit. The purchase on invoice also requires a positive credit check or the existence of positive payment experience.



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